Dean for President

I just saw Howard Dean speak, and though I've liked him - and have planned to vote for him - for some time now, I'm finally jazzed enough to start telling people about him. He spoke on the economy, foreign policy and education, and then answered questions. No notes, all off-the-cuff, and he was well poised, had the facts, and really answered questions put to him.

I'm sorry I don't have a transcript, as I can't remember his exact words, except for one quip about Bush: he said that in Texas, they call guys like Bush "lots of hat but no cattle."

I've just added Blog for Dean to my links, and plan to check it regularly - and it has quick links to lots of other useful sites and info. I also signed up for his mailing list: he promised not to spam us until a month before the election. (I have previously done a bit of work on the unofficial Hack for Dean site.)

He said that though Bush would probably out-spend him, but that he planned to win by bringing 3 million new voters to the polls - that's where we (you and me) come in. Tell your friends, check out the the meetups, and (again) tell your friends.

Regime change begins at home!


Howard Dean's blog is a

Howard Dean's blog is a default NewsMonster subscription :)... gotta do my part!

An even bigger part will be

An even bigger part will be to register and vote (and be one of those "3 million new voters" at the polls!)