"Economic Impact Payment"

Due to governmental mismanagement of funds, our family received an "Economic Impact Payment" from the IRS, despite the fact that neither I nor my wife have lost our jobs. While my son's first suggestion was to send it back, we quickly realized that that would simply contribute to more mismanagement, so we chose three charities (a local food bank, an environmental group fighting the climate crisis, and a local group supporting mental health issues exacerbated by COVID) and have contributed the money from "President Donald J. Trump" to those.

The MIT Intelligence Quest

As digital transformation revolves around data, managing - making sense of - that data is increasingly the realm of Artificial Intelligence. AI is what Google uses to determine what ads to show you, it's what Amazon uses to get you to buy new things, and it's what Facebook uses to make sure you keep clicking. All of these things increase the revenue of these companies but perhaps at great cost to democracy as they segment society.

Top 5 Reasons to Build an L.E.E.D. Certified High School

By Rob Papke, Mt. Lebanon Council PTA Environmental Chair

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