ID Commons Workshop

Just came back from a great three-day Identity Commons workshop in Sebastopol. Lots of great people, and five main projects were defined as essential to getting things rolling:

  1. Marketing/Outreach
  2. Open Source Technology
  3. Fund raising/Revenue
  4. Greenhouse/Project Interface
  5. Legal/Org./Constitution

I'm heading up the technology project - gotta set the single sign-on distributed authentication / XRI-lite / profile access management all set up in three months. Sounds crazy, but for some reason I think it can be done.

Much more came together than I had expected, and now it's up to Owen & Company to see if the big players are going to pony up the big $$.

Too wasted to write much more now - more soon!


Why did you stop using titles

Why did you stop using titles on your blog posts?


Fixed. Wow - someone reads my


Wow - someone reads my blog!