The internet and censorship

The internet treats censorship like damage and routes around it.

you're the product

If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.

Re: social media, 26 Aug 2010,

Speed bumps

National borders are just speed bumps on the information superhighway.


Information is the currency of democracy.

What's information really about

What's information really about? It seems to me there's something direly wrong with the "Information Economy." It's not about data, it's about attention. In a few years you may be able to carry the Library of Congress around in your hip pocket. So? You're never gonna read the Library of Congress. You'll die long before you access one tenth of one percent of it. What's important -- increasingly important -- is the process by which you figure out what to look at. This is the beginning of the real and true economics of information.

from a speech to the Library Information Technology Association (June 1992, San Francisco CA)

When I use a word

When I use a word it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more and nothing less.

Alice in Wonderland

It's not the bits

It's not the bits, it's the about the bits.

Before we go any further

Before we go any further here, has it ever occurred to any of you that all this is simply one grand misunderstanding? Since you're not here to learn anything, but to be taught so you can pass these tests, knowledge has to be organized so it can be taught, and it has to be reduced to information so it can be organized; do you follow that?

In other words, this leads you to assume that organization is an inherent property of the knowledge itself, and that disorder and chaos are simply irrelevant forces that threaten it from outside.

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